Im new on this forum, i don`t really know if this should go hear or somewhere else. If i messed up well sry.

Here is the problem im working for the first time in Turbo C, i have this proyect its a simple one but i still need help. The idea of the proyect is to built a line of commands for OS in the family DOS. The program should have simple commands. Like scrolling down and things like that. It should look like the prompt when it is awaiting for orders. Well what i need is someone to help me on the instructions part, lets say something like when i give an instruction how do i code the redirection to search on any computer that has that program installed to go to the specified folder that the user want. Well i don`t think i proposed the problem on the correct way but if you need any extra info let me know.

3 things before I answer your questions :
1>You are heartily welcome here until you keep showing effort.
2>Use pure English rather than message language.
3>Get yourself a decent compiler.Because Turbo C is the worst.Use Code::Blocks if you can.Or MSVisual C++ 2008.

Now for your program :
1>Hold the DOS commands list with you.
2>Now you just need your creativity.
3>Know the procedure as to how to invoke the system commands from C language,know about the "system" call.
4>Organise your stuff correctly and go on with your coding part.
5>Example :
Say you want to execute md or mkdir command :
* Scan the input string,the first should be the command followed by the options followed by the arguments.
* Now try to implement one after the other.

WOW! That is probably one of the best welcomes i have ever read.

Well i have to use Turbo C that is one of the rules for this proyect.
I usually do this things on Code::Blocks.

Thank You alot for your help.

I am going to keep checking this forum it is actually pretty cool, i found about this place yesterday or the day before yesterday i dont remember i was looking for someone to read a code i was doing of an analog clock. But i solved the problem.

Well Thank You again and i hope to become a good member of this forum xD.