I'm new to Daniweb and would like to communicate with experts thru my first regards..I need an help.

i want to know whether can we get an input in the constructor... Bcoz constructor is used only to initialize....

Pls help me on this.I have just now started to learn java and planning to do my sun java certificate program.So i need an advice from you all regarding the certification and to how to carry further...

Bye Raghav

Take some good classes and read some good books.
Sun's SL-275 course is excellent and not too expensive (about $2000 for a week, quite reasonable for what you get).
For books, Head First Java is a good way to get started. After that get the certification book by the same authors.
Don't think you can master this thing in a few weeks, it takes a lot longer than that (though some people can cram for the exam in a few weeks without any knowledge of Java, they still won't know anything after the exam as it's all shortterm knowlegde which disappears immediately).

And yes, you might get some input in a constructor. But more usually you'd get the input elsewhere and pass it as arguments into the constructor.


Thanks for your reply and your valuble advice.I shall go with that.Can you get some example programs to work on java which makes me more comfort....with that...

I shall be always oblige to you..