Is there any way to tell if a shape collides with another shape im trying to make a simple game to test things. Im drawing circles with fillpie.

Simplest collision detection.
Circle to circle for 2D.
Sphere to Sphere for 3D

Radius of sphere???? (r)
Radius of Sphere A = rA
Radius of Sphere B = rB
Center position of Sphere A = vA
Center position of Sphere B = vB

You mentioned a circle, but for 2D or 3D but same principle applies.

Calculate distance between two points! (Pythagorean Thereom)

vD = vB - vA;

          vD.x = vB.x - vA.x
          vD.y = vB.y - vA.y
          vD.z = vB.z - vA.z       // If 3D

fDist = sqrt( (vD.x * vD.x) + (vD.y * vD.y) );                          // 2D
fDist = sqrt( (vD.x * vD.x) + (vD.y * vD.y) + (vD.z * vD.z) );  // 3D

So fDist is distance between the two points.

If distance between the two sphere centers is equal to rA + rB then you are touching. Less then that then you're merged!

So          if (fDist < rA+rB)          collided
             else if (fDist == rA+rB)  touching
              else                              not collision

If you have a lot of objects doing the square root takes time so instead do the distance calculation but skip the square root.
Then calculate but square the radius distance
r = rA + rB
r = r * r;

So now do the same comparison, but no need to spend processor time doing the square root operation.

thanks. I really should have thought of that.

There are many ways to optimize this, however, implementing those in script is difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions?