I have to do project on the c++ in dev c++ using gcc compiler for windows version. But, i am unknown to windows programming since, i have done project on 16 bit environment using turbo c. Due to many projects on php and other class assignments and lab reports. Therefore, i even couldn,t give sufficient time for c++. And now i have to prepare project based on windows programming in c++ in gcc (windows version). The title of my project is "Wordprocessor". I don't know from where to start the project since i dont't have any knowledge in windows programming. Therefore, what should i do!!!

Wow, you need help pronto! Win32 programming is really hard and one of the best tutorials you'll find online is here:
But even this may not be enough, so it is suggested that you buy a book for yourself. In the sticky above, you'll see lots of suggestions :)
Good luck!