I will start a new project. But I have some simple questions about it :
1) Is the C faster than Java on processes which has no graphic user interfaces (like softwares which are working just from command line) ?
2)Because if the C is faster than Java, I want to make a software which has GUI as Java and C on background processes!? Is this possible ? If it is possible it will work on every OS or not ?
3)What are the differences between 32 bit and 64 bit operation systems ? How can I know that my software will work on 32 or 64 bit ? And especially how much bytes takes an integer on 64 bit and 32 bit exactly ? Or can we do softwares flexible, so they can work on every different 16, 32, 64... systems ? (I know that 32 bit softwares are working on 64 bit windows but there is no possible this some other operation systems :( )
4)How I can start two different process (or functions) at the same time on my software? For example:
if( myinteger== 3) { myfunction1(); myfunction2(); }
I want to start two functions at the same time!


java is pretty much operating system independent, meaning write it once and run it with no further action on any os that supports java. C and C++ languages are not -- that is you have to compile it for each target operating system. On MS-Windows you could write the C function(s) as a DLL, but that will only run on MS-Windows. If you want to use the same function on *nix then you would have to compile it on a *nix box and probably put them in a shared library (*.so). Then if you want the same on another os you would have to compile the C code on those operating systems too.

Whether it runs faster on a 64-bit computer than it would on a 32-bit computer would depend on the program and the compiler. You will have to run a compiler that can generate 64-bit code, 32-bit compilers such as VC++ 2008 Express can not do that. But you can use 64-bit integers on most modern 32-bit compilers. Here is an article that shows the maximum values of different size integers.

>>I want to start two functions at the same time!
Check out threads.

Thank you!

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