Hi, I have a combo box that takes its values from a database. I need to make unique items in the combobox. I could do this in database part, but I need other attributes of values. Let me explain:

There is Surgery table in my database with id,name and clinic attributes. In combobox, I want to display unique clinic names. At the same time i want to hold multiple surgeries in the clinic in another combobox.

To sum up, How can I display unique attributes of a List.

Thank you

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What I want to do - but cant- is something like that:

foreach (Surgery surg in dbSurgery.get())
                for (int i = 0; i < dbSurgery.get().Count; i++)
                    // if selected surg.clinic has already exist do not display it

How you bind your ComboBox?
Because we may wrap it by custom class and get unique items

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my solution is like that :

int x = 0;
            foreach (Ameliyatlar amel in dbAmeliyatlar.getir())
                bool cntrl = true;

                for (int i = 0; i < x; i++)//kendinden öncekilerle kontrol
                    if (amel.dali.Equals(((Ameliyatlar)(dbAmeliyatlar.getir().ElementAt(i))).dali))
                        cntrl = false;
                if (cntrl)
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