I am trying to make a dll but I am coming up with the following error:

\Debug\VideoCapture2.dll.intermediate.manifest : general error c1010070: Failed to load and parse the manifest. The system cannot find the file specified.

I set up my project according to msdn using visual studio 2008.

I looked for a solution and found this but my project name doesnt contain "."

Now, I went and had a look for this manifest file and I found it: "VideoCapture2.dll.embed.manifest" and looked at the project properties and found "(IntDir)\$(TargetFileName).intermediate.manifest" in the linker info for creating the file. I tried changing the file name manualy (just changing embed to intermediate) after a compile, and the next compile worked fine... But this is a pain to do every time i run my project - Does anyone know of a way to fix it?

Fixed it (i think you could have changed "(IntDir)\$(TargetFileName).intermediate.manifest" in the linker to "(IntDir)\$(TargetFileName).embed.manifest", but it all seemed a bit dodgey. It doesn't do it if you dont tick "empty project". If you want an empty project, just make one and delete everything in it and set "use precompiled headers" to no