I am looking for a xml creator/editor with treeview using Tkinter. I want to be able to load and save changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated or snippets. Thanks!

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Tkinter is very out of date. My advice would be qt which allows you to do use xml

I currently have to use the built in gui module and the machines I am developing for are pretty much locked down by admins.


The obituaries for Tkinter are premature. Tkinter has been spruced up quite a bit with version 8.5. Also, Python3.1 ships with the extented widget set ttk that includes a treeview widget.

Ttk comes with 17 widgets, 11 of which already exist in Tkinter, but are improved: Button, Checkbutton, Entry, Frame, Label, LabelFrame, Menubutton,
PanedWindow, Radiobutton, Scale and Scrollbar
The 6 new widget classes are:
Combobox, Notebook, Progressbar, Separator, Sizegrip and Treeview
For additional info see the Python27 or Python31 manual

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