Hello. I'm using one of the QBasic compilers (almost certainly version 2.0) and while I can use many of the commands, "/ah", the command for using arrays exceeding the 64 Kb limit, doesn't work.

Maybe it's because the program I'm compiling is in GW-Basic instead of Q-Basic, but the compiler seems to work fine with GW-Basic too, so I doubt that's the reason.

Whenever I put the "/ah" command after "bascom" (i.e. bascom/ah) I get an error message saying that "h" itself isn't a command, which shows that it takes the "a" and the "h" separately (weird).

Any help?

Otherwise I would have to stock the information in files instead of arrays, but well, at least the task will be done.

Thanks in advance and please if you know how I can use the /ah command when compiling a GW-Basic program, let me know.

See you.

Thanks for reading the thread to those nine people who did.

If there is no known way to make the /ah command work, at least known by a reader of the thread, any other way to make arrays that exceed the 64k limit in GW-BASIC is also welcome.

Anyway, I can also store the information in files even if that makes the program more tedious, and I can also make the program obtain the data whenever it needs it instead of having it stocked, or better yet, a mixture of both procedures, so I have alternatives, but if I can get help in the matter asked, it'll be much better.

Thanks in advance again.