Has anybody here made a progarm like VNC, or A remote access program? Because I'm trying to make one, and I was wondering if somebody had some code or something that I could work with. Thanks.


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I haven't built a fully graphical vnc type program, but I have built remote access programs... what do you need and/or what you are looking at? Text based? Full Vnc like capabilities, etc?

Basically I want a server that allows the client to connect to the other computer so they can view the screen(take control if possible), and also have a client program where all you need is the ip with the server on, and you hit connect and you can see it. It doesnt have to have all the options that VNC has, for now just the basics (above). Thats basically what I'm looking at.

Well, it would be no problem creating a server (I'm hoping you would want it to require a password) that would take a snapshot of the screen, and send it back to you. The problem I'm looking at, is the speed of such a program, and the bandwidth of such a program. In order to write a program to actually take over the other computer (which can be done), you have to be able to monitor (in order to see on your screen what is happening on theirs) in real time. That's a lot of snapshots, and a lot of bandwidth. Could it be done? Sure. Are there going to be some issues with it....certainly.

How much slower would it make the computer with the "server" on it? I'm interested in making a program like this.

Well, I don't foresee it slowing down the server a whole lot (maybe after you take control of the workstation.... some). I see it being choppy, and fairly annoying to work with on the client machine. Bottleneck effects and all other kinds of crap. Now, the best way to do it is to use a UDP socket (the same kind that streams movies and video) for the recieving images portion, and a tcp socket for the control portion.

Would you be able to help me with this...(probably quite a bit because i'm new)? Thanks.

I'll give you any assistance that I can, but I have a lot on plate (by way of projects) at the moment that take a significant amount of my time. Let me know what you need help with, and I'll see what I can't do.

Well I'll let you know when I need help, because I'm still doing some other stuff first...Thanks again.

Right now I'd like to start the server part of it. Can you help me with this?

Sure. Have you chosen a language?

What do you think would be best?

I'm an advocate of VB6. I think it's a better structured system, and a better established system. I also suggest using socketwrench (http://www.catalyst.com) for the socket portion (socketwrench is an activeX control that is powerful, and pretty easy to use). The very best language to code something like this in, would Be A C language. By tradition, it's faster processing, but would require crazy amounts of code. This leads me to my suggestion of VB6 with socketwrench.

Ya, I have VB6, and I'll look at that Socketwrench thing. I don't know how to use Visual C++ anyways.

I'm kind of confused on what download to do for this socket thing.

Do you have MSN Messenger, so it would be easier to talk? Because I don't even know where to start.

Yes I do. I don't have it while I'm here at work, but I do at home. If you want to add me, click my name, view public profile. My Msn Name is there.

What does VNC stand for?

I can't remember, www.realvnc.com. Anyways Camatose, what do I need to do to start the server?

Do I even need a server?

Let me break it down. A Server, is a program, that accepts a connection over a network. So, A Web Server, Accepts A Connection Over A Network, using port 80. An FTP Server is just a program that listens on port 21. The list goes on, and on. Now, I have actually messed up my windows box last night :(, but it should be functional soon, and I can code a skeleton server for you, with the idea's of how it's done.

Ok Thanks.

Ok, Here is the skeleton outline of a server. You specifiy a port number, and click listen, and it will accept connections on that port. Right now, it's very simple. A Client can connect on the specified port, and send data.... the server program (attached) will accept whatever is sent, and display that information in a msgbox. This is the basic structure of a server in VB. It's fully commented for ease of use, readability, and understandability. Remember, You need to download and install catalyst socketwrench (freeware edition) in order for this server to work.

Ok, If I have any more questions I'll let you know, and on MSN, i've always seen your status set to away, is there a certain time that you usually go on? What timezone are you in?

Why in the world would you want to reinvent VNC? Why not just join the VNC developers at UltraVNC (http://www.ultravnc.com) and make it better? Do you plan on writing it in Visual Basic 6?

I'm not sure that VB 6 would be fast enough to get decent performance.

Steve Bostedor
More than just a VNC Manager

Does anyone know how I would go about putting I.P. and password into the vnc logon so it does not have to be entered manually each time? thanks using visual basic?

hi guys, i have a the same study, please help me, can you give me more ideas about it?

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