I have a standalone version of JFrame Interface based java application developed on eclipse platform. The tool is essentially a prototype tutor to check competence in statistics and consists of to-be-worked problems on the subject. It also keeps track of the user progress through the questions and scores their performance at the end of each level based on the number of attempts, total time logged in etc. For each question answered it also compares the input with a pre-defined best solution and provides feedback in the form of number of errors encountered, accuracy score and applicable hints applicable for the type of problem. A valid email address (one of the several already defined in its user class) is required to login and each task is serialized so that the user can start from where he left if he decides to postpone the test. So far so good: The problem now is, I'd like to the tool to be accessible over the internet and wish to know the easiest way to do it. The idea is to upload the tool to my college web server such that the http browser in the client machine be able to access and maintain connection to the application (not just download the standalone JAR file). I am not sure if it is called web services or integrated web development environment, but would highly appreciate if some of you weathered lots could provide this novice a fairly quick way to achieve this. Thanks

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