Is there any good 2d game making library for kinda noobs?
I've tried alegro but it doesn't work good somehow.
If you know any tell please!


Forget making games for now and just concentrate on learning the language. You have to learn how to crawl before you can start running.

Well I know basics what next then?

I suggest SDL.
Take a look through Lazy Foo' Productions's tutorials to get started.

There is also PyGame, which uses Python...

Good luck!

Another very simple utility for making games (it's pretty basic, but lots of fun) is a programme called GameMaker. Last time I checked GameMaker 6 was out, it might be further by now. It actually abstracts the programming so you don't need to know the language behind it (Delphi as far as I know) in order to build a game. And there are a number of lovely tutorials available.


>>Last time I checked GameMaker 6
Its up to version 7 now :)

Wow I must check it out. :) It's a lovely simple way to make games. Not as powerful as others might be, but I enjoyed it :) Thanks for the heads up.

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