Hi! how can I convert words into numerals...
for Example we enter "One crore twenty lakh thirty four thousand seven hundred eighty four" ,
then its corresponding numeral should be "12034784".

What will be the C# code for finding corresponding numerals for range 0 to 999999999 .....

Use Hashtable class where you may assign value at unique key.

Hashtable hs = new Hashtable();
        hs.Add("thousand", 1000);
        hs.Add("hundred", 100);
        hs.Add("one", 1);
        hs.Add("two", 2);
        string[] ar = "one thousand two hundred".Split(' ');
        int no = 0;
        for (int i = 0; i < ar.Length; i+=2)
            no= no + (int) hs[ar[i]]  * (int) hs[ar[i+1]]; 


Hi adatapost,
u have given me code only for specific value .....
Kindly give me general code in C#

Hi ,DdoubleD!!!
I have already done coding for number to words conversion......
Kindly tell me for words to number conversion

make program that words convert to numbers. using #include<stdio.h> and using switch. (1-50) i need it badly pls post here!

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plsss.. bec. im new with this. only this program pls!

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