While printing a barcode vertical line in the Barcode are not straight,they are little zigzag....Can anyone tell me the solution?

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Are you sure it's not skew in your printer as the print head tracks left/right?

Create some known test images using say mspaint to check.

Say something like this.

If these come out fine, or other printing applications come out fine, then you may have a software problem.

If something simple like an image is broken, then you've got a hardware problem.

Check if your printer has a setup/calibration option (try right-click on it's status icon in the systray ).

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First i used BarcodeLib.dll in this am not getting proper barcode.(here i used code 128)...Later i tried in different dll (idautomation.linearbarcode.dll) in this am getting barcode but its using code39.But i want in code128...

And what does that have to do with the original question?

You said it was coming out "zigzag", not that it was completely the wrong type of barcode.

Am sorry if i am not clear.. i will put my question this way:

Presently i have two barcode dll viz.
1. idautomation.linearbarcode.dll
2. BarcodeLib.dll

In idautomation.linearbarcode.dll i do not have "zigzag" problem but does not support Code128.
BarcodeLib.dll has Code128 but has "zigzag" problem

Hope am clear and awaiting your reply....