I am just starting to work with Visual C++ Express 2008 and have run into a situtation I could use help with. To add a new data source to a project I am told to start the data source configuration wizard, this I can do. Next I am to select a data source type, the documentation indicates the choices are database, web service, object. On my installation only object is offered. I thought it might be because I had an older version of Visual studio on my system so I uninstalled both the older version and Express 2008, then reinstalled Express 2008. I also installed SQL server express 2008 to be sure it was available. Still the only choice is object. The book I am using provides a .mdb file to work with but without the database data source type I can not access it. I also checked the online documentation for Express and it also indicated there should be the three choices of data type. Can anyone suggest a solution to this? I am trying to move from Visual C++ 5.0 to the newer .net code but I am stalled on page 9 of the book I purchased until I can resolve this issue. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

instead of installing from a book or cd, whatever you are using just go to google and download straight from there for free. also the link will provide which file is best for visual studios. sort of similar to what i did. if this doesn't help, just email me directly bmcutler@uncg.edu and i can see what i can do to further assist you.

AFAIK the Express edition of that compiler doesn't support what you are attempting to do. I have never seen a menu option to add a data source. A couple years ago I used 2005 Pro version and it had that option. But I don't think the Express version has it.

I have found the solution to the question I posted. Microsoft no longer supports the two missing data types in C++. They are available in VB and C#. I guess they don't want up developing in C++. Thanks for the input.