Hey everyone, I'm trying to find some tutorials for peer-to-peer network programming ( LAN Parties ). I browsed through MSDN for any tutorials, but the only thing they have is stuff on DirectPlay. I would like to know how to connect to another/multiple computers. I've been reading up on Windows Sockets 2 and all they want to teach me is Client/Server programming. If any of you know of some good tutorials for Windows peer-to-peer programming, I'd enjoy hearing from ya. Thanks for view'n

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I'm hoping I can provide some insight on this. I'm not a programmer, but I'm familiar with some of these concepts.

Peer-to-peer is really the same as Client/Server, if you think about it. It's just that each host is both a client and a server. So, every interaction between the systems is a mini-client/server relationship. When you're talking a LAN party, (like say a FPS), one machine does act as a server, keeping track of all the game information. This can be evidenced by the "Host a Game" option on most LAN-able games.

So, more than likely, the information you found is perfectly valid, but you just needed to put it in the correct context to effectively use it.

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