Hi friends
I want to make a screen saver in my Project but I don't Know how to do it PLZ help me
I want check the Mouse Movement if it dosen't move and if user don't push the keys in keyboard my screen saver be able How I can check it? Plz with Code Snipped

thanks but in all of them at first screensaver start but i want after some times(for example 1 minute) that mouse don't move and the buttons on key board don't push it start, how is it?

You will have to intercept all the mouse and keyboard events. Then you can set everything to your liking.

Sorry i don't understand your mean

Sorry mate, because I'm not a native English speaker either I could not understand your post #3 very well. I believe I understood it now. I think you want your application to wait and then after a minute show itself. Well , as I said watch for KeyPress and MouseMove events. If after a minute nothing happens, show your screen. You could probably install your app in the system but I have no experience with that.

yes you understand me
but I dont know how say my screensaver to wait and then start i need code

you want to build an application which behaves like screen saver.
you want to build a screen saver with some extra capability.

what is the problem with this or this or this ?

Perhaps this is the way for you to go.
And DangerDev has a point there...

at this time :i want to build an application which behaves like screen saver.
all of these i saw before i said all of these screensavers start when i run these project but i need a screensaver wait until user dont move the mouse and push the buttons on the keyboard then my screensaver start
this is my need

you mean to say, your screen saver should start on mouse move or on keyboard press, is it?
if so, then sorry to say, its not screen saver. You should probably reformat your question.

Why would you think your screensaver won't start?
We gave you code, start doing something with it.
It is impossible we will do it for you, believe me.

Are you trying to create a custom screensaver manager? Because windows handles the wait X amount of time of idle before starting a screensaver, that's all part of the operating system. all you do is create your program and change its .exe extention to .scr and put it in the system32 directory. windows screensaver dialog will automatically find it and put it in the list of screen savers in the Display properties of the system.

There is much more to it. I actually created a custom screen saver from scratch in C#, works amazingly well, even the preview int he display dialog works, Its all based on command line args, do some studding up. all the information is there on the net. If I did it, anyone can. I have no training, no college, just a High School Diploma, and the internet.

I think darab wants to know how she/he should check mousemove or any keypress.isn't it darab?

yes dajer is right
i want to know it