I have developed a small application in asp.net using c# to open the excel sheet and save the excel sheet. It was working in the developer machine while I tried to run through IP address of the developer machine it shows COM exceptions else it asks the username and password of the server machine. Anyone help me in this case. Please

Many Thanks in Advance.

Its is security related problem.
You need to give com permission to user who is trying to access your page.
For this go to:
1. Control Panel->Administrative Tool -> Component Services. (click here, 'component services' window will open)
2. In component services window, in left side tree goto: Console Root -> Component services ->Computers -> My Computer -> DECOM Config.(click here)
3. Now in right side in list of components search for 'Microsoft Excel Application'
4. Right click on it and go to properties.
5. It will open property window.
6. In property window go to security tab.
7. Change the launch and activation setting, and add the user.
8. Change the Access Permission, and add the user.

In above both the cases you will be adding user: Internet Guest Account.

Thanks for your reply.
I have configure the excel in components. But still it showing an error.
It asks the User name and password for the server. When it gives the System name and password it doesn't accepts the user name and password. but when I give the localhost/foldername/filename.aspx it works properly. Can u suggest me how to do it.

could you please tell, what you have configured and which user you have added?