Ok so basically I just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas for me. Basically I want to do a project in java because i havnt done one for ages. Im fluent in java so that means i can do relatively complicated things. Id prefer for some software ideas rather then games.

Many thanks,

If you just want something to practice then just go to a college's website, find the level course that matches your skill level, and do a random project on there. We aren't here to give project ideas.

I know, but i was looking for something like you just said. Like i didnt think of that because im english, but thats a good idea, ill do it now. Thanks.

cool thanks, i might see if i can make an os though.

If you have a couple of years of free time, go with the OS. Otherwise, I'd find a smaller project personally.

I do have a couple of years! Obviously id make it with someone else. But what i want to know is that is there already a kernel written and boot-loaders etc. Because if there is then it wont be to hard. Like basically is there an open source os where i can mess with the code and custom it etc.

You can develop an RPG game, like Runescape or Warcraft, i'm going to try your project!

I'm working on a webchat application myself, kinda like mIRC.

I was curious at one point to make a downloader application which can stop/resume/show stats/etc and watch the clipboard for relevant extensions.

How about a browser?


your own personal command line app with built in tools.

an ftp client.

lots of things :)

I was going to do that actually, but i like the idea of an os better :P