Wts that mean in C++??Wt I have 2 do in the program??Wt I should write?
write a C++ program that test parts a and b. (Declear additional verable in the function main, if necceccaey).

# include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int one (int x, int y);
double two (int x, double a);

int main ()

int num, x, y;
double dec, a, first;

cout<<"please enter two integers numbers: ";

cout<<"please enter a double number: ";

num = one (x, y);

dec = two (x, a);

first = one (6, 8);

return 0;

int one (int x, int y)

if (x > y)
return (x+y);

return (x-(y*2));

double two (int x, double a)

int first;
double z;

cout<<z += a;

cout<<first += x;

if (z > first * 2)
return z;

return (first * 2) - z;

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