I am not writing this to spam people. I am trying program that will send the message "What's Up" to all the people on my friends list that are online in AIM.

The main problem is how do I get Java to read the friend list, open up the message window, and send a message in AIM? I am not sure how to use this on AIM without knowing the AIM source code.

Well if your own a mac use applescript because it would be much simpler on widows use something like auto hot key, rather then java.

Lol..I don't use a Mac. But, I have been thinking about getting one. I haven't heard of AppleScript.

Applescript is like a english like programming language that allows for automation on a mac. Its exactly what you are looking for. There are plenty of really great tutorials on youtube and your task would be extremely simple in applescript. Get a mac! I love them, you can develop in java extremely easily on a mac (i use eclipse). They are much better then pcs :)