Hi everybody
sorry if the title is misleading what am meant to say

does anyone know of such a book or anything where I or we (depending anyone coming back to this thread) lol

Know were we can see step by step on how to build application on java

you normally tend to get stuff like this on java for beginners where is shows you how to make a Clock or some GUI stuff like a weather calenda or some buttons that do something amazing

anyways there books that i have show stuff at the back you know as you progress say if your a beginner and that you have progressed chapert 17 or something of the book and now you will be taught how to build some GUI interface etc.......

BACK to the main point of this thread
i would like to know if there is a such book or even a couple of toturial videos that show you how to make and build GUI applications or even command lines ones in the least

I guess if you had such a thing it will help anyone wanting to learn java to improve in the abilities and have something to show :icon_wink:

hi once go through the basics of java and then follow the most recomended version java2-the complete reference you will certainly got your doubts cleared.All the best

thanks for ur response
but what am trying to say is the any books where i can see GUI's are being made soo i can copy then and learn that way

and i pretty much know the basics of java i just prefer to look at other stuff and memorise it and then be able to make that gui or application out of scratch without looking

anyways find anything plz let me know :)

i can't understand what u r trying to say.Do you want learn how to make n use GUI's are you want learn programmable stratagies by seeing developed GUIs

"Java Platform Perfomance" by Steve Wilson and Jeff Kesselman.
"Java Swing 2nd ed. ( OReilly )"
"Swing 2nd ed. (Manning)"

A lot of this stuff can be found on Sun web site (tutorials or forums). I would say that the best place to learn advanced topics is on the java.sun.com web site.