how many days will it take to get perfect with core java?
any shortcuts?

There are differences between A programmer and THE programmer.
A programmer just seeks short-cuts so he can put Java on his CV.
THE programmer makes everything possible to explore and understand the language...

Seems to me, you asking wrong question... (didn't wanted to say stupid)

hmmmm......relax Mr... why call me stupid when its ur stupidity (to get out of control n say 'stupid').........any way..congrats...keep exploring java till u die.

how many days will it take to get perfect with core java?
any shortcuts?

You got that response because of this:
how many days

It takes YEARS, many years; there are NO shortcuts.
And no one will ever be perfect in core java. What you do is learn how the language works and then you learn how to find solutions to your problems. Once you have the solution, you implement it in java.

I don't know you Mr,Ms or Mrs onejavaone but i want to tell you one thing your concentration and dedication only helps you to learn java.once go through it,i am sure you will definitely forgot about time .take care bye

to: OneJavaone
Actually u are nothing more than peter called you!! Actually it can take years and it can be just a d matter of few months only!!It depends on you totally!! how u implement it , how u can be practical with it!!And remember there are no shortcuts to success!!

There is no point in arguing about how long it will take. You can be "A" programmer in no time, but you can be "THE" programmer over period of years not days.

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