How would I get an IP address?

Not the local ip, but the one people would use to connect to say a TCP IP program? :P


More than likely if your local ip is not your public IP then you are behind a router and special considerations such as port forwarding/NAT will have to be taken in to account/implemented.

In order to get your public IP there is no "100% correct" way to go about this. You could go to and get the IP address -- but they could be using an outbound PROXY for http:// traffic that is different than the IP used for other outbound TCP/IP connections.

Tell us what you are really trying to accomplish and we can probably better help you.

I need the IP used in outbound TCP IP Connections.

It shows on the server when they connect but I need to get this information on the client aswell, to tell people apart etc.

Is there a good way to get that IP?

Send the client the connected public IP address from the server

Could you just tell me a method of getting it from the client?

Please and thank you

It is not available over a standard TCP/IP socket. What kind of connection is this?