Hi guys/gals,

ive been reading alot about bots and i kinda like the idea of creating one. can these bots be created in any programming language or does it depend on what i want the bot to do?

ive probably posted in the wrong forum, sorry



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What do you mean under bot? Do you want an Chatbot? An fpsbot? An robot? Don't you mean AI? AI is complicated but do-able. Please tell us more about wat for sort of bot you would like, otherwise will it be really hard to try to help you :P

Maybe you are talking about an internet bot. They can be used for both malicious and normal purposes , so what exactly you thinking about :P

Even google uses a Bot known as google bot to extract the detailed information from the website when you search for somthing in google.

And as far as your original question is concerned, Perl i think is best for such things though you can even do it in C or any similar lang.

Some info here.

HOpe it helped, bye.

hi there,
i would like to create a bot that can if possible collect or count in fact, hyperlinks on a website and some how be able to present the data in a txt.file so how can see how many links are on a website?

is this possible?

Off course it's possible, ever heard of googlebot? You might want to [search]google[/search] for that one (lol, had to try those new tags out).

I don't know how to get an feed in C++ (yet), but I know that it is fairly easy in PHP. And PHP to got some good string functions.
So, I would advise:
1. Search the function to get an feed of an site
2. Search for href=" and then take the postition after the "
3. Take the string to the next "
4. Store it in an file (you can then set an link to the file on your site)

You might want to adjust the way to find links, Since there are many ways of writing things(like href' instead of href"). If you want to do it like allthe time with updates and stuff you should try another language (like Java, C++).

Hope it helped!

hi, therem so its possible to write a script in php to collect these sort of data and then be able to present the findings in a seperate file?

if so thats great!!

ps, would these be referred to as a bot then?

cheers for all your help guys

Bots often require high level language interface. If you have choices about programming language, use python; It will keep you away from tangling the syntax and concentration on the core of logic.

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