Before i start my question, i must say i am very sorry for starting another thread for a similar question, as i have read many threads but i didnt really catch the exact answer i wanted.

and again i am new and very sorry.(first post)

i have been reading C++ for dummies and have read like 30% of the book and then i stumbled accross pointers but even further with something like linker class ( something like pNext, pHead) and got confused so before i start learning from someone i wanna know as mentioned before the c language is dying and should i proceed learning or should i stop and learn something else before its too late.?

oh and one more thing can someone explain about java 2 and c# and what makes them so special? thanks in advance.

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>i wanna know as mentioned before the c language is dying
Total BS, but also keep in mind that C is not C++. Neither are dying (or are likely to die in your lifetime).

>should i stop and learn something else before its too late.?
If you want to stop and learn something else at the first stumbling block, programming is probably not for you.


when i said stop and learn something else i meant another language because instead of continueing to learn c++ (if it were to die) would be a waste so i might aswell learn another language that would last longer. lol that what i meant. when i said dying i was reffering to this thread: http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread8386.html and btw thanks for replying.


Forget about that book. Read a more comprehensive book.
I would suggest C++ Primer plus 5th edition. Its a little over 1000
pages long, all about C++ and its beautiful wonders.


alright, i check that book out but what do you think of Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example or is the you sujjested better?


> Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example
Definitely a much better book than anything with "dummies" or "x days" or "guru" or any other kind of weasel words in the title.

HOW to program is the real skill you should be working on, which will serve you well in decades to come.

You're going to learn many different languages in a career, some of which have yet to be invented. If you already know how to program, and already know one language, then learning another language is easy bookwork.


c++ never dies because it is a middle level language, closest to assembly.
but if it dies, you can easily learn c# instead of it in a very short time

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