I'm trying to make an app that will memorize 1 point on the screen and continuously click that point (running on a timer) until it is manually stopped.

I've noticed that the mouse functions require you to be "inside" a component for it to recognize the mouse position or do any of the sort -- I'm sure there's an expert out there that knows how to avoid something like this.

Anyone have any suggestions or is Java the wrong way to go about this?

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I don't know hot to do it with Java, but you could use AutoHotKey for such programs. This programming language is meant for such stuff. Your code for such a task will be not more than 5 lines

Yep. Ive used it before. I was just wondering if there was a way to do it in java without having a JFrame open in order for it to recognizes a component.

You are the man Ezzaral. Any time I try to do something unconventional with java, you always have an answer :).

I will try this out now!

I noticed that the Robot class gives you functions to move and click the mouse. Is there a way to get the position the mouse is currently in or am I missing something? Remember, im talking about on the actual desktop/not while hovering over a component so a mouse input listener, i believe wouldnt work.


Got it. Just a little more research and I found this:

Point mPoint = MouseInfo.getPointerInfo().getLocation();