Hi, currently i'm able to save an image that I have draw into SQL but I would like to knw if it is possible to update new draw picture to replace the old picture?

how can i modify this code in order for it to save instead of create another new image?

Public Sub SaveByteArray(ByVal ByteArr() As Byte, ByVal patientIC As String)
        Dim mySQL As String
        Dim cmdAdd4 As SqlCommand
        Dim oVarCharParam As SqlParameter
        Dim oBLOBParam As SqlParameter

            ' Insert statement
            ' Notice that @BLOBValue is a placeholder for the actual data
            mySQL = "INSERT INTO image (patientIC, picture) VALUES (@IDValue, @BLOBValue)"
            ' Create a command object
            cmdAdd4 = connAdd.CreateCommand()
            ' Set SQL statement
            cmdAdd4.CommandText = mySQL
            ' Create a command parameter
            oVarCharParam = New SqlParameter("@IDValue", SqlDbType.VarChar, _
               50, ParameterDirection.Input.ToString)
            ' Set the actual data
            oVarCharParam.Value = patientIC
            ' Add this parameter to the command
            ' Create a command parameter
            oBLOBParam = New SqlParameter("@BLOBValue", SqlDbType.Binary, _
              ByteArr.Length, ParameterDirection.Input.ToString)
            ' Finally, set the actual data
            oBLOBParam.Value = ByteArr
            ' Add this parameter to the command
            ' Execute SQL statement
            ' Close the connection
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try

    End Sub


Change this line:

mySQL = "INSERT INTO image (patientIC, picture) VALUES (@IDValue, @BLOBValue)"


mySQL = "Update image Set picture = @BLOBValue Where patientIC =  @IDValue"