Is it possible to change the desktop background, hide the desktop icons, and hide the menu bar (in windows) using a batch script? If not, could someone direct me as to how to do it in C/C++?


What are you trying to do exactly? I think this is probably beyond the capabilities of the command prompt but can be done in C/C++.

I have my way that I want the computer to look, and my parents have their own way, and I want a fast way to switch between the two.

Also, I know it can be done in C/C++, I just don't want to have to deal with all that windows code (seriously, Hungarian notation can be taken too far :P).

Why don't you just create another logon profile? That is part of the reason they exist so each user can have their own settings

They don't like how much time it takes to switch users, and they have to be around when they turn it on to get into their account right away.

You can set it to autologin w/ their profile and you can log theirs out and use yours... then when you're done log them back on.

hmmm, I didn't know you could do that. I'll have to try that. I was hoping that I could get and use this on any computer. You know, take my configs with me.