In preparation for the release of REALbasic 2005, the company is giving away the Standard version of the current release (REALbasic 5.5)
It's not as deep as even VB6 as far as the range of properties for each object, but it's a pretty nice tool anyway. You can get a free license code at:

I think it's supposed to compete with VB, but I don't think the company has any delusions about unseating that product. It's an inexpensive alternative at best, but still worth a shot.

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I've never heard of realBasic before - is it popular???

Well that link is broken but does go to the homepage and they want $99 for the standard edition?

Nothing mentioned there about previous versions or free licenses.

That program ended in April. The new version is out and in full swing.

Oh well. I did notice the thread was a little old.

I grabbed the RB 2005 r3 version anyway just to see what it was about.

Strange situation with that demo. You can enter any name in the registration box along with the code 12345678-12345678-12345678-12345678-DDDDDDDDD and it will extend your trial period to 2079.

You can edit the hex @ addr 00112B4h and replace 8A 80 A0 00 00 00 with B0 00 90 90 90 90. This will eliminate the nag screen.

But the compiled exe's still have a time limited lifespan. That could be easy enough to work out but...

To much trouble.

Interesting. I was interested in RB at first, partly because I didn't think I'd like the .NET Framework. However, after looking into the Framework, I find it's actually preferable for me for a lot of reasons. Besides, the latest, greatest version of RB didn't have a date picker control! I know, that's a pretty minor thing, but it just doesn't make sense that they would leave out what must be a very common control like that. I emailed them, and they happily guided me to a third party plugin that cost too much (I don't remember what that price was).
I'm pretty solidly committed to C# .NET now.

Oh nice thanks for the link!

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