I am using visual studio 2008, C++ MFc. I have create 2 edit box. I will let user key in at the editbox1. Then i will get line and paste what user have key in to editbox2. I want it to be something like hyper terminal format. That mean when user key in "how r u" in editbox1 then press 'enter', the program should automatic get "how r u" (what the user key in) and paste/copy/send it to editbox2. Hope that someone can help me out with this. So far i can only get the line from editbox1 and paste it to editbox 2 with the help of button and with some errors.

In the button function:
int nCurrentLine = m_command.LineFromChar(-1);
int lineLen = m_command.LineLength(nCurrentLine);
LPTSTR p = m_strCommand.GetBuffer(lineLen+1);
m_command.GetLine(nCurrentLine, p);
CString abc = m_strCommand;
SetDlgItemText(IDC_EDIT2, abc);

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You could possibly handle the WM_KILLFOCUS (or EN_KILLFOCUS or whatever) event of editbox1.

You could possibly handle the WM_KILLFOCUS (or EN_KILLFOCUS or whatever) event of editbox1.

Thanks, I will try it out

nicolasahm, I would investigate the Dialog Data Exchange and Validation capability or DDX mechanism within the MFC. I think this may help you with what you want to do. This function is called to carry out the exchange of data between variables in the dialog and it's controls. Also I'm not sure exactly what you want to do but it sounds like you want to have the user press the <Enter> key to transfer the text from one dialog control to the other. The "Want Return" property of the dialog control set to "True" uses the <Enter> key as a return character insertion mechanism, otherwise it should effectively call the button function.


i'm using VS2005 for my MFC application, i created a dialogbox with inside one EDIT box (IDC_EDIT1) and one LIST box (IDC_LIST1); i need a code that takes inputs "character" from keyboard in EDIT box and tranfer the same onto LIST box upon pressing ENTER key from keyboard!!!! I can do with an external button on dialogbox but i need without Extra Button on dialogbox.. suggest plz.

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