Anybody know a good book for learning about oop reuseable components. I have a project I have do for school. The book i was given to use doesn't cover that subject real well. I'm really in a jam, I even went out on forums asking questions about reuseable components, but didn't ahve much luck.

thanks in advance for your help.

What exactly do you need to know about reuseable components? Please list any specific areas you need to learn about.

One more question I just thought of:

Are these reuseable components purchased or have you created them?

If they were purchased, the company that created them should supply all the necessary documentation about what events that control can and cannot do.

Second, if you created them and inherited from an existing Windows Forms control (or Web Forms Control), your control will behave exactly the same as the control you inherited from. In addition, it will behave like you specify.


P.S. Are you trying to learn how to add custom event handling to a

What is this project and what kind of component do you need. I may be able to assist. I normally wouldn't, but because I am in a programming class myself and have had to receive help once before, I owe help to someone.

Thanks for your offer of help, but I found an article in msdn that answered my questions.