hey i just wanted to know if the available tutorials will be enough for me to improve from a beginner to maybe someday a teacher in java programming.

it depends on your level of learning.
if you find it easy to learn by just mere tutorials maybe it'll help you to become a Java master.^__^

Hello everyone,
i need to ask a very big favor of you. I need a java and vb tutorials, notes ,write-ups, anything...... Because i just started a master degree program in i.t and i need to be on top off my game.

I'll be very grateful if helped by you masters.


Please help me out. I dont know anything about java or vb. Its my first time doing any kind of programming.
Please help.


There are a lot of tutorials available on the web, some of which were linked to in this forum in the stick that was mentioned before. Use those. Ask questions. Get help.

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