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I am doing a project of CRM application which does sending and receiving sms/email. I am doing this using the visual studios 2005 ans SQL Server Database to store the send or received sms/email. I have search on sms in the internet but the problem is that it is using C# as I am using the vb.net language. Even though some of the research that i came across is in vb.net but the application did not work.

In my research, the sending and receiving of sms application uses sms gateway, AT command. But I am not sure which one to use becoz I am doing this application for my project. Hope for any recommendation on which one to use either the sms gateway or AT command or any other device. My lecturer said that my project is most likely like the M2U Mozat. Not only that I am doing the sms but also the email. The email part is done by my partner but the problem is that he creates the email using the SMTP server. How can using a SMTP server to create sms? It is because the part that I am doing which is the sms and the email to combine together.

Hope that anyone could help because the dateline for me to complete the project is in a few weeks only. Hope that I can get an guidance from you all in this forums. In fact that I am a slow learner but i did not know if I can meet the dateline for my project.



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You won't be able to use SMTP to send an SMS, it isn't the correct protocol. SMTP only handles emails. You will need to find and implement an SMS gateway provider.

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