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The most simplifying method is a structures.
Like that

struct Node
    int value; //data of node
    Node *next; //pointer to a next node in the list

struct List
   Node *first;
   Node *last;

Implementation you will type by yourself. Good luck!

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Seems like a good start to such a terse question


SUMMARY: In computer science, a linked list is a data structure that consists of a sequence of data records such that in each record there is a field that contains a reference (i.e., a link) to the next record in the sequence.


A linked list is a data structure in which it contains the nodes. a node is a structure it contains the data field and a pointer field. the data field can be anything, and the pointer field contains the address of the next node.

so the structure should be
struct Single_Linked_List
char name[20];// data
int rollno;// data
float fee;// data
struct Single_Linked_List *next;// pointer to the next node
typedef struct Single_Linked_List SLL;
now SLL can be used whereever structure can be used.
SLL *Newnode;

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You are right, Gaity. Don't forget to post source code with bb code tags. Read announcement[b/] link at the top for each forum page.


how to write c programming containing linked list of students consisting of name age roll no in he ascending order of name

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