I need to build a small application to read/set the figure in app.config file, which in remoting section channel port value,
how to do it programmatically?

as following example, how can I read/set the 209 value in coding?

pls help!Thanks!

<customErrors mode="off"/>
<channel ref="tcp" port="209">
<provider ref="wsdl" />
<formatter ref="soap" typeFilterLevel="Full" />
<formatter ref="binary" typeFilterLevel="Full" />

<wellknown mode="Singleton" .....

Read/Write App.Config File.

Thanks for reply.
In application configuration file, I can use method Configuration.AppSettings to read value which setting in section of AppSetting ; I can use method Configuration.ConnectionStrings to read value which setting in section of ConnectionString . However , there is no any method provided to read value in section of system.runtime.remoting......
if I intent read value from the section, how can I do?