I am an training executive in a company , for the purpose of the training needs , i have designed a test for my subordinates using vb 6 about a product (cell phone) . In that test i had written the code so that after the test is taken by the individual the marks will directly sent to my mail id after pressing the submit button. when i had tested it there is appearing a default windows message box with a message that " there may be a virus attack", and three option buttons appear below allow,deny,cancel. but every one will deny or cancel it generally. in-spite it was a windows default message. how to block this message box . and i am having the id of my company and using Ms outlook to send that mail or receive the mail.

i think u should try including
PS Notes to the end user so that they will try to allow the "mailto process" despite the "security message" that will appear...
hope this one will help.

So that message box appears after your code tries to send the email right? For now on your design computer use spy to spy on that dialog box. Then code it up with FindWindow and SendMessage to click on the button you want.

Good Luck