How can I make use of applets while developing web pages?

by putting them on the pages?

extend JApplet and add some content usign javax.swing.*;

sorry bud, but you gotta be more specific

you can use an <applet> html tag but those are deprected and you should only use an <object> tag...but oah wait there's one little hitch!!

internet explorer does not support the object tag in place of an applet, so in other words over 90% of web users wont be able to access your applets if you use the new tag, and are forced to use an older deprecated tag.

Since when does IE not support object tags for applets?

According to the MSDN HTML reference (which wouldn't include stuff IE doesn't support...) for object, object takes the following attribute:
"CODE code Sets or retrieves the URL of the file containing the compiled Java class. "

Of course this is deprecated and you should use codebase and archive instead to link to a jarfile.

yup, it is Mozzy (and the Netsheep before it) that don't support object tag for applets (in contradiction to the W3 specs) :)
Not sure what the Fiery Fox does, but being a direct descendent of the Mozzy...