Can anybody give an example of adding columns to an already populated dataset/datatable and reflecting changes to an already populated datagridview so that I can modify/added the row and use dataadapter.update to change the datasource.


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You need to change the DataAdapter's update, delete, insert, and select queries and add another parameter for the new field. This is probably not a good idea.

Let me ask you this -- are you using a typed dataset or one created in code?


I use created in code, in memory.

Update/Delete working fine, because I don't have to add any column or so on those. Whereas I have to add number of columns to the already populated datatable and insert them all as new (RowStateAdded). It inserts only the ones which have already been populated. My ─▒nsert statement includes the newly defined columns. Apparently I fail to define new columns and attach them somehow to datatable. I have tried many possibilities but no result


I think I solved it, it is uppercase/lowercase problem. When I define the new columns I defined them lowercase whereas in insertcommand they are uppercase. So newly added columns also inserted into datasource.

Those concepts however did not settle very clear in my mind

1- when I adapter.Update the datasource fields have to be uppercase, otherwise it does not work. Is there a parameter I have to define so that it accepts anything(upper or lowercase)

2- how do I reflect changes to datagridview after I add columns and enter values into them

3- If I enter values to the grid where those additional columns already defined in the formDesigner but not in the datatable, how can I reflect datagirdview to datatable

4- how should I use binding, beginedit and endedit in these cases

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