I'm having problems adding images to a game I'm trying to modify. The given project has some images in a folder called "Images". So I added new images to this folder and tried to use these new ones in my code. To do this, I right clicked on the "Images" folder and selected "add existing item" and selected the new images I wanted for the project. But the problem is: these newly added images are not being displayed on the Usercontrol :confused:

Further, I excluded an old image from the folder and then added it again to the project to see what's wrong. Surprisingly, this image which was displayed properly earlier is now not being displayed after excluding and adding to the project again.

Can anyone tell me what's going on here, as I can't get around this seemingly simple task of using new images ? :(

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Dude, if your writting a game development question put it in the correct forum. I think I can help a little though. I assume you are using MS VS with the XNA framework. dump your pic files in the content folder! your can reference them from there. or like the person b4 me wrote use them as a reference file.


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