I'm trying to decide if Visual Studio Standard or Professional would be suitable for my current and near-future needs. On Microsoft's web site, there is a term of which I am not sure of the meaning: "data-driven"
Basically, the Standard version does not offer the ability to develop "data-driven" applications. Does this refer to an application that is basically a front-end for a database of some kind?

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Data-driven means that there is a database as a part of the program, often called the "back end", and residing on a server...the VB part of the program, which resides on the user's machine, along with the report templates, is often called the front end or Graphical User Interface (GUI). The standard edition of the VS does not have the components to access the database files. The Professional edition does have the special "adapters" to access the database files (Oracle, Access, SQL server, FoxPRO, Excel). Hope this clarifies things!



I kind of figured that's what that phrase meant, but I wanted to be sure before i decide where to drop some cash!

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