i used Microsoft Ribbon.dll in my mdi form i have added few tap, panel, button etc. i have changed button style DropDown then i added dropdownitems -> employeeaddress, profitandlos, employeepayment, employeetaxdetails etc. my problem is if click employeeaddress menu that time i displayed employeeaddress report form after that i not get focus in the menu items


Re: Ribbon dll problem 80 80

Read the MSDN online page -Handling events of ribbon items

Re: Ribbon dll problem 80 80

sorry i didn't get correct solution

Re: Ribbon dll problem 80 80

What can we do for correct solution? Please post your code. Be careful, your source must be wrapped with bb code tags.

Re: Ribbon dll problem 80 80

i am using this dll file


i have designed more dropdownitems if i click one dropdown menu i am not get focus again same dropdown button

if you have any link pls help me

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