can someone give me some xsample of inventory program in turbo c++
using stdio conio switch/ case with addition and multiplication
like in the grocery cashier computer

Useless title, and then it carries on going downhill

Ugh, where to begin.

1. Don't use turbo C++, it's ancient. Go for a more modern compiler.
2. Don't use conio.h, it's not standard.
3. We aren't going to do your homework for you.

im not telling you to do some home work from me...
im just asking for same xsample because im only 1rst year student and c++ is too fresh for me ....

i want to get some xsample bec i dunno how to make like that because im not using computer in the cashier ...
ill just want to know how to use switch with addition and multiplication like in the grocery computer:'(

You are welcome. If you are looking for samples then you are in wrong place. Have a U turn and goto the Ask for advice, suggestions, hints.

Read rules at daniweb.

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int hs;
textcolor (LIGHTBLUE);
printf("\n [1]Shampoo");
printf("\n [2]DOG");
printf("\n [3]Mariwana");
printf("\n [4]Shaboo");
printf("\n Enter the Number of your Prodtucs:");
scanf("%d",& hs);
switch (hs)
case 1rintf("Shampoo 100$\n");
case 2rintf("DOG 200$\n");
case 3rintf("Mariwana300$\n.");
case 4rintf("Shaboo400$\n.");

ill just want to add something
like the number of products im buying
and total of amount

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What did he JUST tell you!

Use code-tags.


Then come back with a specific question.

Guess the first question is "why doesn't it compile?" ;)
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