hi..i'm facing some problem to draw morh's circle by using opengl in Borland C++..
i'm able to draw 3 circles which is 2 small circle "in" 1 big circle..but may i know tat can i insert a formula into openGL to find out the radius for these 3 circle automatically?
until now, wat i can do is juz change the radius manually..i'm trying to solve a stress transformation problem by using mohr's circle method..

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thanks for reply me,iamthwee..

i know the theory about mohr's circle...my assignment is draw out a mohr's circle by using C or C++..and my assignment title is about 3D's stress transformation,so the mohr's circle is more complicated..
may i know tat can i change the radius of circle in openGL?juz like in C or C++, we can declare the radius as a variable and we insert a formula to find out the radius(to draw mohr's circle)..but is it can do in openGL too?
anyway,thanx a lot to iamthwee..


OpenGL is just an API (application programming interface) which is used for plotting points, lines and doing much more complicated 2d and 3d stuff. If you know C and C++ coding in OpenGL should be a piece of cake. You just need to use the inbuilt OpenGL funtions. IF you want to see a sample code in opengl and C you can look here:


Also see the sticky at the top of the forums "Starting C" which has a lot of C and OpenGL related resources.

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