i am currently starting on a project that requires to load a flash movie from a remote website (which keeps track of the user authentication) and edit the variables inside them. in other words, something like a flash game bot. i have figured out how to embed the flash swf file into my c# project window....but the problem is how should i authenticate it? would httpwrappers be needed for this? the swf wouldn't load and pops up with an error of some function in the swf.

so here's what i don't understand....is the problem due to the fact that i have not authenticated the user? and once i have loaded the swf file without problems and authenticated the user session, how should i manipulate the variables inside the flash file...assuming that some are private data members of the flash classes?

any help would be very much appreciated. cheers! :icon_cheesygrin:

idk about authentication, but I have done much heavy scripting in flash, as far as I know, if a flash application is not scripted to accept external modifications of its variables. then you won't be able to.

but I could be wrong. if the variables are on the root of the flash movie, then its possible to use query strings or params to change them, but in that case your C# application would need to be showing the flash animation in a webcontrol, and not as a com object.

MOST important, there are sometimes 3 problems with what you are trying to do.

1. a well written flash game will be comprised of many different swf files, and need to be ran from the same directory.

2. a well secured flash game will check its domain for consistancy, and choose not to run unless its in its home.

3. some games use shared resources, in which multiple swfs must be loaded on screen simultaneously.( I one time saw a flash game that used the site logo from the site's header flash, and if they weren't on the same page the game would fail to load.)

best of luck.

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