I am trying to dynamically add checkboxes to a panel depending on if a file exists. My code is:

While d1 <= d2
                If File.Exists("C:\bnb\" & m1 & "-" & d1 & "-" & y1) = False Then
                    rm1CheckBoxes(rm1I) = New CheckBox()
                    rm2CheckBoxes(rm2I) = New CheckBox()
                    rm1CheckBoxes(rm1I).Location = New Point(20, rm1y)
                    rm2CheckBoxes(rm2I).Location = New Point(60, rm2y)
                    rm1y = rm1y + 20
                    rm2y = rm2y + 20
                    rm1I = rm1I + 1
                    rm2I = rm2I + 1
                    d1 = d1 + 1
                End If
            End While

But only the first pnlResults.Controls.Add() actually shows up in my form. If I reverse the two calls or comment out the first one, then I get x boxes at 60,rm2y, as is I get x boxes at 20,rm1y. I tried changing the second point to a constant 60,60, and that one checkbox did appear. I am just completely lost as to why only half of my checkboxes show up. I tried putting an Application.DoEvents call at the end of the if, but that didn't fix the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I dont know what the values are that you are passing. Are you sure that the control is not being added off the sides of the form? Run your control count after the loop to see.

Check the filenames.

While d1 <= d2
        If File.Exists("....") = False Then
        End If
  d1 = d1 + 1
  End While
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