I'm pretty new to python but thought I'd write something to read this log file to try and learn it. Ideally, it will read this log file, match a string and return everything between the "****" delimiters where the string was matched. I'm not 100% sure how to go about this though. I populate my tuple with the following, but can't see how I display the lines inbetween the delimiter objects.

def look(self):
        NULL = None
        data = [(0,0,0,0)] ## (LINE #, STRING, Match_Obj, Del_Obj)       
        segment = re.compile('[*****]')
        lookfor = re.compile('[COMMS_MESSAGE_SENT]')
        LineNum = 0
        for line in self.thefilesText:
            obj = lookfor.match(line)
            deli = segment.match(line)
            LineNum += 1  
        return data

I could be going about this the wrong way. Should I be segmenting the log file fist (between delimiters), eg, 1 segment per list element
and then using RE to search the segments (then return the entire segment when found).

any input would be great!

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I'd store the blocks in a list, looking for the pattern in each line and, if i find the pattern in one line, write the whole block out.

for line in file("log2.log"):
    if line[:10] == "*" * 10:
        if isBlockToWrite:
    if pattern in line:

I was going about this the wrong way, thx so much!

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