I am trying to compile a working opengl project into an executable for windows. I ran into several import issues in the python imaging library, Numeric, and OpenGL. I managed to resolve all but the OpenGL ones. There is quite a bit of conflicting info on the subject out there and I've tried about everything I've found. I've tried the method of using exclude="OpenGL" and putting the OpenGL folder in my dist directory. I got the following errors when running py2exe:

The following modules appear to be missing:

I get an executable but nothing happens when I run it. Has anyone else had success with a similar project?

How are you importing OpenGL in your program?

How are you importing OpenGL in your program?

It is a large project by several engineers but a typical import is

import OpenGL

one package that is only used once and gets some missing package declarations is OpenGL.platform:

from OpenGL.platform import win32

which results in a message saying OpenGL.platform.win32 is a missing module.

Any help you can give would be most... helpful?

Thank you,