Hi all,
I would like some advice as to how to go about this particular problem that I am facing.

I have three computers involved in this problem:
There is a real time DATA SERVER. The problem with DATA SERVER is it is located inside an internal private network. So I cannot connect directly to this server. I also have a server in the DATA SERVER. Lets call this server LINUX BOX. LINUX BOX has two network interfaces. One can be accessed through Internet via VPN, and the other one is connected with the same internal private network than DATA SERVER. That means that I can connect to DATA SERVER from LINUX BOX. The last computer involved is the USER COMPUTER. This computer is the one where the application is going to be executed. It is supposed to have Internet access and VPN access to LINUX BOX. This means that I should be able to connect to LINUX BOX from this computer, but I can't connect to DATA SERVER which is where the data comes from. So, my solution, is to create an echo server in LINUX BOX. This program would act as a bridge between the USER COMPUTER and the DATA SERVER. I will use another package called RPyC to control the LINUX BOX from the USER COMPUTER through an echo server opened from the LINUX BOX.

In order for me to gain control of the LINUX BOX, I need to establish a virtual connection with the DATA SERVER using ______ (Paramiko, Pexpect???). Only then can the USER COMPUTER bind to the echo server connection opened in the LINUX BOX. I'd be much obliged if somebody can help me figure out how to do this or let me know if there is any other easy way to do this.

- Vish

P.S. - Paramiko 1.7.5 gives me the following message:
"No suitable address family for %s"‏
Paramiko 1.6.4 gives me teh following message:
"Unknown server %s"‏

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Yes. Thanks.

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