Hi.. can anyone pls help me to write the source code to do the calculation for this:
I am writing an applet Horoscope.java that will help people to calculate the chinese horoscope by entering their year, month and day of birth. Below is the following knowledge to share:
There are 12 Horoscopes and their orders are ranked as such: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. As 4th and 5th of Feb are the special days for the start of the spring that will determine your Chinese Horoscope, you need to get your birth time ready and consult the Master in person. The cycle will repeat itself after evry 12 years. The following table gives the detailed period each horoscope covers.

Clear period for Horoscope Horoscope
Born between 6 Feb 1960 to 3 Feb 1961 Rat
Born between 6 Feb 1961 to 3 Feb 1962 Ox
Born between 6 Feb 1962 to 3 Feb 1963 Tiger
Born between 6 Feb 1963 to 3 Feb 1964 Rabbit
Born between 6 Feb 1964 to 3 Feb 1965 Dragon
Born between 6 Feb 1965 to 3 Feb 1966 Snake
Born between 6 Feb 1966 to 3 Feb 1967 Horse
Born between 6 Feb 1967 to 3 Feb 1968 Goat
Born between 6 Feb 1968 to 3 Feb 1969 Monkey
Born between 6 Feb 1969 to 3 Feb 1970 Rooster
Born between 6 Feb 1970 to 3 Feb 1971 Dog
Born between 6 Feb 1971 to 3 Feb 1972 Pig
Born between 6 Feb 1972 to 3 Feb 1973 Rat
-----Cycle repeating---- --

Use layout manager, graphical components and a method calHoroscope() to calculate the Horoscope of the customers.

so, have you done *any* coding on this homework assignment yet?

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